increase in‧crease 1 [ɪnˈkriːs] verb
1. [intransitive] to become larger in amount, number, or degree:

• Manufacturing output increased 0.6% in July.

• Sales increased to 11.5 million tons from 11 million tons.

increase in

• The yen is forecast to increase in value over the next year.

• The oil that it uses has increased in price to $13 a barrel.

2. [transitive] to make something larger in amount, number, or degree:

• The rail company increased the number of passengers it carried last year by 14%.

• He has increased the number of his licensing agreements.

— increasing adjective [only before a noun] :

• There is increasing difficulty in finding trained staff.

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increase UK US /ɪnˈkriːs/ verb [I or T]
to become larger in amount or size, or to make something do this: increase by sth »

Sales have increased by 10%.

increase to sth »

Our gross margin increased to 24%.

increase in price/size/value »

Over the past two years the department has increased in size.

the number/rate/level increases »

Staffing numbers increase during the summer months.

increase gradually/slowly/steadily »

Bookings are increasing steadily.


Interest rates have increased slightly.

increase dramatically/rapidly/significantly »

The volume of work has increased dramatically.

increase efficiency/production/productivity »

The new measures are intended to increase efficiency.


to increase costs/prices/sales


This process greatly increases manufacturing speeds.

increasing adjective

An increasing number of customers shop online.

increasingly adverb

Borrowers are becoming increasingly aware of their options, and tend to shop around.

increase UK US /ˈɪnkriːs/ noun [C or U]
a situation in which the number, size, or amount of something gets bigger: a pay/price/tax increase »

Customers stocked up, anticipating a January price increase.

an increase in sth »

Businesses are facing a 12% increase in energy costs.

an increase of sth »

Revenue last year was $347 million, an increase of 26%.


a dramatic/significant/substantial increase


a small/slight/steady increase

See also RISE(Cf. rise) noun
on the increase — Cf. on the increase

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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